Introduction to Indigenous Relations in BC

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Session 1 - Names Have Power.mp3

Session 1: Names Have Power (8:27)

Session 2 - How We Got Here.mp3

Session 2: How We Got Here (9:11)

Session 3 - Consultation and Court Decisions.mp3

Session 3: Consultation and Court Decisions (10:45)

Session 4 - Aboriginal Rights and Title.mp3

Session 4: Veto, Aboriginal Rights and Aboriginal Title (5:47)

Session 5 - UNDRIP and the Calls to Action.mp3

Session 5: UNDRIP and the Calls to Action (8:10)

Session 6 - BC Treaty Process and Other Agreements.mp3

Session 6: BC Treaty Process and Other Agreements (6:45)

Session 7 - Politics and Power.mp3

Session 7: Politics and Power (8:16)

Session 8 - Personal Advice.mp3

Session 8: Personal Advice (8:38)

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